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Created on 2010-09-03 01:45:20 (#573259), last updated 2019-04-18 (1 hour ago)

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We can also be found on[info]hp_nextgen100 or [info]hp_nextgen100


  • Each drabble should be 100 words exactly, though multiple drabbles (100x3) are fine. Drawbles are also welcome.

  • Any or all next gen kids should appear as the focus of the drabble, which isn't to say their folks can't feature *g* but their kids should have the main part.

  • Cross-generational relationships are allowed as long as one of the pairing is a next gen character.

  • New challenges will posted every other Wednesday. You can create an entry for previous prompts as well as the most recent one.

  • You must be 18+ to join. If this is not clear in your userinfo you won't be able to join. Also, if your LJ less than a month old and you have not posted anything in it, you will not be allowed to join.

  • To be able to post you must be a member.

  • All entries must be under lj-cut.

  • Gen, het and slash are welcome.

  • Please put the following before the cut:

  • No off-topic posts allowed. Pimping posts MUST be approved by the mods before posting to the community.

  • Flaming will get you banned, the idea is for all to enjoy themselves so please be considerate.

  • Disclaimer
    All HP characters and concepts belong solely to JK Rowlings and Warner Bros. This community and all participants intend no copyright infringement; the community is made solely for non-profit entertainment. All characters in sexual situations are 18+ unless explicitly stated otherwise.

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